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I know that I know nothing, but I think therefore I am :-)

Everything is relative... (only vodka is Absolute... ;-))

Russian but totally irrational! ;-)

Innovative solutions
to complex problems...
Innovative solutions
to complex problems...

Welcome to high tech website!

Dear Friends, I am glad that you have made the right decision and now you are visiting my web-site. There are four reasons for this web-site to appear.

The first is self motivation. Since I can compete with the lasiest person of this planet (on behalf of laziness) I would like to set a certain plans and time lines for myself. These would be made public with due-to dates which -hopefully- will motivate me enough to finish of what I will start in a specific time.

The second reason is presentation. Since I would like to share the obtained knowledge I will be glad to do it over here. All the necessary information from school, life experience and other usefull staff will be collected over here.

The third reason is a permanent feed-back. As soon as you find out something that can be done in a better way or you decide to comment on something that has been written over here, please do so in a "BLOG" session.

The final reason is that all other web services - such as web-blogs and social networks do not provide me with sattisfactional environment. Well, I like the beauty all arround me and I would like to create something beautifull too.

"Quand on a termine sa toilette du matin, il faut faire soigneusement la toilette de la planete."
Le Petit Prince - Antoine de Saint Exupery (1943)


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