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Innovative solutions
to complex problems...
Innovative solutions
to complex problems...

Helicopter in virtual space

The main goal of this work is identification and control of a helicopter model CE 150 (further referred to as helicopter or system) provided by HUMUSOFT s.r.o. placed in laboratory K26 at the departement of control engineering, electrotechnical faculty of Czech technical university in Prague.

The helicopter CE 150 corresponds to a classical propeller configuration with main and tail propellers. The physical model is fixed on a rod therefore its motion is restricted to azimuth and elevation angle and from the point of view of theory of dynamical systems it is non-linear Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system with two degrees of freedom (2 DOF).

... video will appeare here ...

Video 1: The control of Helicopter in elevation and azimuth by LQG regulator

For the control of the model we use PC with Matlab/Simulink with Real Time Toolbox.
We set classical controllers such as proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller).
To set linear-quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) regulator we need a Kalman filter for estimation of speeds of motors from the measurement of input voltage signals and output signals obtained from the IRC sensors.
The last controller we set is model-predictive-control (MPC) with receding horizon.
The robustness of the control design is checked by the exposing the helicopter model to the typical atmospheric irregularities such as wind gusts etc.

Thesis Helicopter in virtual space 963 kB

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